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Looking Glass Orchids

Paphiopedlium  (Lady Slipper)


Paph. (Incantation X Pisgah Magic)

Paph. Pisgah Raisin = (Raisin Pie X Raisin Expections)

Paph. Pisgah Midnight = (Super Magic X Pisgah Magic) X Incantation

Paph. Mem. Brayden Nicholson = (Limelight X Somers Isle)

Paph. Pisgah Green = (Hilo Green Mountain X Mem. Brayden Nicholson)

Paph. (Hilo Jewel X Hsinying Citron)

Paph. (Sioux X Simba)

Paph. Hilo Green = (Hsinying Majakun X Hsinying Citron)

Paph. (Hsinying Majakun X Hsinying Quick Gilbert)

Paph. Hilo Green Tea = (Hsinying Majakun X Somers Isle)

Paph. Pisgah Lime = (Hsinying Quick Gilbert X Somers Isle)

Paph. Somers Isle =(Orchidheights HCC/AOS X Pisgah HCC/AOS)

Paph. (Hsinying Citron X lawrenceanum)

Paph. (Limelight X Hsinying Majakun)

Paph. Somers Isle ‘Orchidheights’  HCC/AOS

Paph. venustum ‘Orchidheights’

Paph. venustum alba

Paph. wardii ‘Freckles’  HCC/AOS

Paph. Maudiae ‘The Queen’   AM/AOS

Paph. Maudiae ‘Magnificum’ FCC/RHS,CCM/AOS

Paph. Darling ‘Christiane’  AM/AOS

Paph. Claire de Lune ‘Edgard van Belle’  AM/AOS

Paph. (Starr Search X Emerald) X gladuliferum

Paph. Kathie Taylor = (Red Pepper X gladuliferum)

Paph. (Maud Rook X gladuliferum)

Paph. Pisgah Pinocchio = (chamberlianianum X moquettianum) X Pine Glow

Paph. Armeni White = (armeniacum X delnatii)

Paph. Iantha Stage = (rothschildianum X sukhakulii)

Paph. (Wayne Boooth X moquettianum)

Paph. Julius = (rothschildianum X lowii)

Paph. (Wayne Booth X lowii)

Paph. (Praying Angel X rothschildianum)

Paph. Wayne Booth

Paph. Jennifer Kaline = (chamberlainianum X malipoense)

Paph. Pine Glow = (Pinocchio X moquettianum)

Paph. St. Swithin (rothschildianum X philippinense)

Paph. Lady Isabel

Paph. Dollgoldi = (rothschildianum X armeniacum)

Paph. Mem. Rex Van = (armeniacum X Lady Isabel

Paph. Rolfei = (rothschildianum X bellatum)

Paph. Delrosi (rothschildianum X delnatii)

Paph. rothschildianum

Paph. stonei

Paph. philippinense

Paph. Prince Edward of York = (rothschildianum X sanderianum)

Paph. Harold Koopowitz = (rothschildianum X malipoense)

Paph. Zycleon = (Pinocchio X rothschildianum)

Paph. (Susan Boorth X Wayne Booth)

Paph. (rothschildianum X Wayne Booth)

Paph. Kemp Tower = (Prince Edward of York X philippinense)

Paph. Transvaal

Paph. Hell’s Chamber ‘Pisgah’

Paph. Temptation ‘Orchidheights’ AM/AOS = (topperi X philippinense)

Paph. Puppentanz ‘Pisgah’  AM/AOS = (topperi X haynaldianum)

Paph. Doctor Toot = (topperi X delnatii)

Paph. Oberhausen’s Diament = (sanderianum X primulinum)

Paph. Golddollar ‘Lo Tawana Gold’

Paph. Hellas ‘Westonbirt’  FCC/RHS

Paph. (insigne X Keyeshill)

Paph. (Lacewing X Emerald Sea)

Paph. (Diana Bird X Luther Pass) X Winston Churchill

Paph. (Happy Hill X Gridlock)

Paph. (Nayocino X Sonora Pass) X Winston Churchill

Paph. Lathianum


Phrag. Lutz Rolke ‘Orchidheights’ AM/AOS

Phrag. Jason Fischer

Phrag. Don Wimber

Phrag. Eric Youyng

Phrag. (Eric Young X Beauport)

Phrag. Sergent Eric

Phrag. Dorthy Yates

Phrag. Grande

Phrag. Grande ‘Glenn’s Pride’  AM/AOS

Phrag. Mem. Dick Clements

Phrag. Geralda = (lindleyanum X caudatum)

Phrag. Geralda ‘Orchidheights’  AM/AOS

Phrag. Don Wimber ‘Pisgah’  AM/AOS

Phrag. Belle Hogue Point

Phrag. Belle Hogue Point ‘Orchidheights’  AM/AOS

Phrag. Bright Spot = (Mem. Dick Clements X Twilight)

Phrag. Maria Glaz

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