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Looking Glass Orchids


Odc. Roger Cole `Johns Bingo`  AM/AOS

Odcdm. Mackenzie `Jan`s Gem` AM/AOS

Odm. Violetta Von Holm `Blanca`

Wils. Tiger Brew `Pacific Holiday`

Odcdm. Sunlight `HOF #1`

Wils. Lisa Devos `HOF #5`Colm. Wildcat ``Yellow`

Colm. Wildcat `Golden Red Star`

Ons. Catatanthe `Orange Kiss`

Alcra. Sunday Best `Muffin`  AM/AOS

Bllra. Diana Dunn `Mt. Pisgah`

Brs. Rex `Tahoma` AM/AOS

Brs. Rex `Lynn` AM/AOS

Brs. verrucosa `Gremlin`  (species)

Brs. Edvah Loo `Nishida`  HCC/AOS

Burr. Stefan Isler `Lava Flow`

Odcdm Tiger Crow `Golden Girl`  HCC/AOS

Onc. Sweet Sugar `Emperor`

Onc. Sharry Baby `Sweet Fragrance`  AM/AOS

Vuyl. Aloha Passion  `HOF #7`

Vuyl. Cambria `Orchidheights`  AM/AOS

Onc. Jiuhbao Gold `Tianan` AM/AOS

Wils. Tigersette `Wild Court` AM/AOS

Odtna. Yellow Parade `Alpine`

Dgmra. Winter Wonderland `White Fairy`

Alcra. Pacific Nova `Pacific Heights`  HCC/AOS

Onc. Macmex `Orchidheights`  HCC/AOS

Onc. Macmex `Woodlands Bounty` HCC/AOS

Colm. Wildcat `Orchidgeights`  HCC/AOS

Colm. Wildcat `Red Bird` AM/AOS

Vuyl. Patico `Pacific Nights`

Odcdm . Gunter Von Knevel `Orchidheights` HCC/AOS

Odcdm. Black Beauty `Black Mountain`

Odm. bictoniense alba `Pisgah Forest` (species)

Odm. bictoniense `Wolf Lake` (species)

Odm. Stamfordiense `Pisgah`

Mclna. Pagan Lovesong `Lorriane` HCC/AOS

Odbrs. Pisgah Recluse `Voodoo` AM/AOS

Odbrs. Pisgah Recluse `Orchidheights` AM/AOS

Odbrs. Pisgah Recluse `Pisgah` HCC/AOS

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