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About Russ Bolt and Looking Glass Orchids

Russ has grown and hybridized orchids for 30 years both at Owens Orchids and privately.

His plants have received many American Orchid Society awards, Best of Show trophies, and Blue Ribbons over the years.

His ambition is to grow plants not readily available in the big box stores.

Looking Glass Orchids, Inc. specializes in Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium (Lady Slipper Orchids), Miltonia (Pansy Orchids), and Cattleya hybrids and species.

We look forward to meeting your needs. Let the Product speak for its self. You are guaranteed to see many orchids you have never seen before.

If you are not happy with the plant sent to you, send it back. 

Gift Certificates Available.

For orders or inquiries, please contact Russ at:



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